Student Reviews

Mr. Haas has been the highest quality instructor that I’ve had the opportunity to train under. His method of teaching makes some of the most advanced techniques easy to understand and apply.
Andy Winham,
My name is Brandon Wiley, I am an Federal Officer and I have been practicing Marital Arts for the past twelve years. I currently hold Blacks Belts in Okinawan Karate & Kobudo. In my years of training I have had the opportunity to meet several Black Belts from across the United States , Jeremy Haas being one of them. We met each other around six years ago and I was taken in by his knowledge of the Martial Arts systems. His is ability to take a technique and restructure it in a way that an everyday person can comprehend and execute is amazing. His hunger for teaching and the love of Martial Arts are second to none. I think all martial artists from beginner to advanced black belt should take a take the chance to learn form Jeremy if they have the chance. After all that is what it’s all about, learning and improving yourself.
Brandon Wiley, 5th Dan, Nintai Do Shorin Ryu Karate
I met Jeremy Haas two years ago, when a friend took me to check out the Karate class he was attending. It was evident within seconds that the way he teaches combined with his attitude towards learning and developing new, along with retaining the traditions of the original methods was exactly what and who I wanted to learn from.
Jeremy’s detailed explanations and the time we spend exploring the practical applications (without having to ask) of everything we learn, well you cannot place a value on this. I had attended a ‘strip mall Dojo classes’ in the past, and have had a passion to learn Karate for most of my life, but never really felt like I was doing much more than just going through the moves.
This may sound kind of ‘cliché’ but I guess we are all searching for that Mr. Miyagi who will really TEACH us… Jeremy is our Mr. Miyagi to steal a quote from the original movie “Hai – can see. No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do. Now use head for something other than target.” I only wish I had found my ‘teacher’ years ago.
The quality of ALL our teachers and students shows in every class, those Jeremy has trained, it’s evident in every moment of every class, they all care.

David Hale, Sales Representative
I have known Jeremy Haas for many years. We have shared martial arts knowledge in the areas of basics, kata, sparring, proper technique, theory, and real world applications. We have taught classes and seminars together on many occasions and I can say without hesitation that I find him to be one of the best instructors anywhere in the world. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn what the martial arts really are about.
Soke Clint DuPlechian, 8th Dan Nintai Do Karate Jutsu
“I have found Jeremy Haas to be a fountain of knowledge and skill with a willingness and patience to teach others. As someone who has trained in martial arts in various styles, my experience with most instructors is that they tend to be more concerned with the form of fighting rather than practical application. Sensei Haas teaches not only the traditional methods and practices in Shorin Ryu Karate, but he also trains his students in handling real life situations and how to apply the forms in down-to-earth, hands-on fashion. I enjoy going to his training sessions at the dojo and look forward to continuing my martial arts education under his tutelage.”
Josh Dunkeson, Network Administrator
I am not the typical karate student. I started my first experience at the young age of 59. In past years, I had been a dancer and a marathon runner, both of which require training and dedication. But, in my mid-thirties, I always secretly wanted to learn karate. I had though back about all the training my Dad had done years ago as a Marine defending our country in WW II, and wanted to be able to train myself in some similar way. I wanted to learn to protect myself or a loved one, if necessary.
I wish I had not waited so long, but I did.
When I finally found a teacher ,I was blessed! Jeremy Haas became the most patient yet effective teacher you could ever wish for. He has the basic knowledge mastered to be able to work with a beginner all the way to an advanced black belt! I feel I am always learning the most useful moves that may apply to kata or just basic self defense. It amazes me that he is so accomplished. It is invaluable to have him as a leader, and as a teacher he is a master.
In three years, I have gained an orange belt and sure, I would like to keep progressing to other levels. But, more important I have lost something that we all would like to lose…..fear! Fear of being harmed by some crazy person doing something to me and not being able to judge quickly how to make myself safe. We live in a time where our lives are in danger continually and knowing what to do for your protection is invaluable.

Christy Bickham,