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The hand-to-hand combatives system of choice for elite military and law enforcement officers in Israeli is Krav Maga.  Krav Maga is fairly straight forward and very effective form of combatives, but when it comes to civilian self-defense it neglects one very important component…it doesn’t make use of your strongest asset, your reflex defense mechanism (aka the startle flinch reflex).  That is where Automatic Reflex Combatives Systems (ARCS) is light years ahead of just about any other system out there.  I can teach you to bridge the gap between your instinctual reflex reactions and the learned combatives techniques I teach that are rooted in Israeli Krav Maga.

What if I told you that I could teach you a Self Defense & Combatives System so devastatingly effective that the Deputy U.S. Marshals on the Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force are prohibited from using even the most basic techniques in it?

These guys deal with the worst of the worst, the most violent criminals known to man…murders, rapist, drug traffickers…yet they have been told that you can’t use this stuff because it guarantees crippling injuries or worse.

I have taught members from every branch of the US Military, including numerous Special Forces Operators, and members of numerous foreign military units as well.  I have taught officers from every agency in federal law enforcement as well as numerous state and local law enforcement officers.  These guys all know that every day they are going to war against violent criminals that don’t play by the rules, so they took it upon themselves to track me down and try to tip the scales in their favor.  These officers recognized that their agencies were more concerned with trying to avoid lawsuits by scumbag criminals than trying to protect their officers from injury by violently resisting fugitives.

You are not armed and trained like a top notch law enforcement officer or elite military special operator, yet you are going out into the very same world every day with the exact same criminals that they hunt.  Wouldn’t you want to stack the cards in your favor by being armed with the knowledge and skills that the US Marshals have deemed too effective for use because of the level of risk it poses to violent fugitives?

Contrary to popular belief most US Special Forces members are not hand to hand combat experts.  They are given basic instruction in hand-to-hand, but their primary focus in training is learning military tactics and how to use various firearms, explosives, and other weapon systems.  They just don’t have time in the duty day to become hand to hand experts.  So, many of these elite operators make time to learn hand to hand tactics on their own time and out of their own pockets.

To give you a little background on me, I currently serve as a full time law enforcement officer, department defensive tactics (DT) instructor, less lethal munitions instructor, chemical agent & taser instructor, and the commander & training officer for our CERT/SRT units. CERT deals with combative, resistant, and non-compliant inmates, cell extractions, and riot situations. SRT is the Special Response Team which deals with all the CERT issues along with various other situations such as inmate escapes, hostage situations, and other such events that are more along the lines of SWAT type needs. I’m a combat veteran with 10 years of active duty with multiple combat tours. I have conducted hand to hand close quarters combat training for all branches of the US military, numerous branches of foreign militaries, US and foreign police forces, and civilian military contract companies as well.

I spent a considerable amount of time training with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and conducting training classes for them as well. My Krav Maga training came direct from Israeli IDF trainers and I have never concerned myself with all the politics and organizations involved with Krav Maga. Generally the organizations that govern any style (Krav included) are all in it just for the money and egos, which seems to come back around to money at the end.

Anyhow….Couple all of that info, with my almost 30 years of traditional martial arts training and teaching time, and you have summed up my training history.

I say all that not to brag, but to explain that I have seen A LOT more real world hand to hand than most instructors out there. I know what works and what doesn’t. Many dojo/studio owners will make claims about how what they teach is “the best”, yet they have never been in a truly violent situation where they have HAD to use it. Many of them have never even been in a fist fight. I have the lumps, bumps, and a few scars to show that I have had to use this stuff and survived with very little injury.

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All my students get free access to my full online training program. That way you can always refer to my streaming videos as a reference while you are practicing at home. They also have the option of purchasing my instructional DVD’s at a huge discount from what the cost the average internet buyer.

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